U-2 Viewsight shot looking at Beale AFB

Flying with the Viewsight

Here’s something you don’t see everyday, and you can’t see anymore as the viewsight is out of every operational U-2 or ER-2 now. Back in my first year or so in the U-2, I had the chance to fly the Block 10 U-2. This is when it still had a […]

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high over northern california with a view of most cities to the east of sacramento

To Make a Super Pano

Hey everyone.  Today is very special.  I’m pumped because today is essentially the last day of home schooling my kids for the year (hopefully….damn you coronavirus)   To celebrate, I thought today needed a little peppy 80’s montage music (first to name the movie gets…nothing but my respect)  put together with a quick run […]

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Extreme Ross stares over the stars from a flag out past the wing of a U-2

Why are U-2s still in use if we have satellites?

Today I’m answering one of the most common airshow questions a U-2 pilot ever gets.  Several of you, including @vasiliybaraniuk asked: “Why are U2s still in use if we have satellites? Note: the following is entirely my opinion/viewpoint/soapbox/rant. The easy answers are something about multi-layered approaches to intelligence, from satellites to […]

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U-2 Northern Lights UFO

Have you ever seen any UFO’s or objects that made you thing “what was that”?

???️?️ Hello again. For today’s #askextremeross I’m tackling a subject several of you have asked me about. And that is, of course, UFOs. @chadholcomb88 asked “Since you’re one of very few pilots that have experienced flight at that altitude, have you seen any “UFO’s”, or objects that made you think […]

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