Getting back to #AskExtremeRoss, @vfreesz had a multipart question “What is the best, the worst, the unbelievable and the ordinary things about flying the Lady?”

This being a multipart question, I’m just going to answer part now. This ties into some other answers I’ve given before, but one of the unbelievable parts of flying the Lady, was being in a vantage point to really take in the global nature of the planet we live on. Take the northern lights, for instance. We are familiar with sights of the northern lights in, pictures or videos, as veils of light, hanging and swirling above. From the vantage point of a U-2, at 70,000 feet, it becomes clear that this curtain of light is more like a crown of light that encircles the magnetic pole. You can see the lights sweep up from over the horizon, and circle back around. While not being able to see the whole band, it’s easy to envision it and brings us that much closer to knowing the world and universe that we live in.

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