Looking out past the tip tank of the C-21

What Did You Fly Before the U-2?

For #AskExtremeRoss, @nolewoods asked “What did you fly before the u2?” As @combat_learjet could atest, this shot was taken out the left side of the tip-tank-terror-of-the-sky known at the C-21A, or military version Lear 35.  I was stationed at Ramstein, Germany for my first 4 years after pilot training flying this […]

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Do You Ever Feel Lonely Up in Space?

For #AskExtremeRoss, @tayo_cee asked, “Do you ever feel lonely up in space?” For me, I don’t think lonely is really the feeling that best summed up what I felt while on a mission. For starters, we were usually in communication with either our operations at our base or with the […]

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The U-2 loaded with sensors sits on the runway waiting for takeoff

What kind of EO/IR Sensors are on the U-2?

Returning to #AskExtremeRoss, @ballulaadi wants to know “Plz tell me which EO/IR and Radar sensors are used by the U-2”. (I’ll probably want to add a disclaimer that this is all open source, NON-classified information. I sometimes get people worried that I’m giving away all the good secrets, but I […]

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