thunderstorm shot for a U-2 at 60,000 feet

What’s the Highest CB top you’ve gone over?

⛈️⛈️⚡☔ Today’s #askextremeross, @petercrew asks “What’s the highest CB (cumulonimbus cloud) top you’ve gone over?” So I’m not quite sure I remember, but I thought this picture was pretty cool. This was taken about 10 years ago on my earlier camera, the Nikon D90. Thunderstorms could get pretty high, especially […]

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U-2 Northern Lights UFO

Have you ever seen any UFO’s or objects that made you thing “what was that”?

🛸🛸🛰️🛰️ Hello again. For today’s #askextremeross I’m tackling a subject several of you have asked me about. And that is, of course, UFOs. @chadholcomb88 asked “Since you’re one of very few pilots that have experienced flight at that altitude, have you seen any “UFO’s”, or objects that made you think […]

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