🛸🛸🛰️🛰️ Hello again. For today’s #askextremeross I’m tackling a subject several of you have asked me about. And that is, of course, UFOs.

@chadholcomb88 asked “Since you’re one of very few pilots that have experienced flight at that altitude, have you seen any “UFO’s”, or objects that made you think “what was that”?”

For me, flying at night was always an incredible experience. I’m a space junkie, I loved being able to see the stars from above all the atmosphere and light pollution. I’d dim the cockpit down and let my eyes adjust. Shooting stars were a common sight, sometimes getting several in a minute. Satellites were a little harder but you could see them track along as well if there was good lighting on them. This is a clip of some time lapse photography I did going through the Northern Lights a few years ago. If you watch just above the wing from the far left of the screen there’s a light that moves sideways for a few seconds. The end of the video zooms in and makes it a little slower. Is it a UFO? I don’t know, I just didn’t know what it was when I watched the time lapse either. I’ll let the internet sleuths of the world determine that.

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