@25anddied asked “Seeing as the T-38 is being retired soon, is it possible 38s will be available to, probably very wealthy, civil pilots”?

If you’re adventurous and you have a few extra hundreds of thousands of dollars, you too could be a proud own of a T-38 Talon A model, just like I flew.  Notice I didn’t say millions.  You don’t have to be ridiculously rich, just really really rich to fly one of these.  Also, you’re going to blow through about 3000 pounds of jet fuel in an hour, which is about 450 gallons, or $2300.  And you’re not going to get much more than that each flight.  I wouldn’t even dare to venture into the cost of insurance but I’m sure it puts your Maserati insurance costs to shame.  

I do know a guy who is totally qualified to teach you how to fly your civilian T-38.  Huggy (many will recognize the name) has a type rating in that (along with just about everything else).  As for me, I’ll just relive it through videos like this, tearing it up over Mount Lassen.

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