Extreme Ross Photography is proud to offer real estate photography and video production services to the Greater Sacramento Area

Whether you are an agent, home owner, or even investment property owner with an Airbnb or VRBO, let Extreme Ross Photography turn your property into a work of art that makes you more money

Service Area

$50 Travel Fee for Extended Service Area (Pink)
Geographic area for Extreme Ross Photography

Check out the Quick Price List Below

Standard Photography


25 HDR Photos with Slideshow Tour - $145

36 HDR Photos with Slideshow Tour - $155

50 HDR Photos with Slideshow Tour - $165

Twilight Service Surcharge - $80

Floor Plan - $80

3D Tours (Powered by 3DVista)


< 2000 sqft - $150

2000 - 3500 sqft - $250

3500 - 5000 sqft - $350

> 5000 sqft or Business - Contact for Quote

Aerial Photography


Drone Photo Add-on (5 additional photos) - $100

Drone Photo Stand-Alone (10 drone photos) - $150

Drone HDR Panorama - $50 per panorama



Real Estate Video Tour - Starting $200  (Includes Drone Video)

Commercial Video Production - Contact to Discuss

(Book a free 1-on-1 Virtual Consult through the Contact Page)

Real Estate Packages

(Twilight Included)

Extreme Standard - $499

(Includes 36 HDR Photos, 3D Virtual Tour created through 3DVista, Drone photos and video, One Drone Panorama-either high over the neighborhood or house level, Approx 1 and 1/2 minute video tour of the property)

Extreme Complete - $699

(Includes 50 HDR Photos, customized 3D Virtural Tour created in 3DVista using high quality edited panoramic photos, floor plan, drone used for photos, video and live panoramas that change from day to night, ~3 minute video tour of the property)

HDR Photo demonstration

HDR Photos

Extreme Ross Photography utilizes HDR photography for all photographs on site, including drone photography.  HDR, or High Dynamic Range, photography essentially takes multiple RAW photos at varying exposure levels, then blends them together to bring you a picture that much more effectively brings all the detail out in the picture.  When necessary, exterior lighting or flashes will also be used to bring every photo to life.

1617 LaGuardia Outside-2
1617 LaGuardia Inside-2
1617 LaGuardia Inside-7

Drone Photography

Extreme Ross has always been about getting that award winning, amazing photo from the air.  Now through the use of a drone, Extreme Ross Photography can provide the same commitment to awesome photography for each home owner.  Extreme Ross is a Part 107 licensed drone operator, registered with the FAA, and insured for commercial drone use.  All avenues will be utilized to bring you safe, legal drone flights with amazing results.

A pick sunset illuminates a large thunderstorm over the Sierra mountains
First Drone Practice-3
First Drone Practice-1-11

3DVista Virtual Tours

Provided at an additional cost or included with the Extreme Packages, the 3DVista Tour provides a truly stunning way to showcase your property.  Virtually every aspect of the tour is customizable and each tour can incorporate all of the photos, video, and 3D panoramas taken of the property.  Agents are able to provide live virtual tours of a property for one or many clients at once.  Live panoramas can be created to simulate the passage of time while in the panorama.  Provide as much direction for the end product, or very little.  Either way, you'll end up with a beautiful tour catered to your property.

3DVista Branded Tour

Example of a Live Panorama


All real estate video will combine the use of a drone to capture aerial footage and stabilized video captured on the ground, inside and outside the property.  Starting at $200, the short tour will provide a 1 and 1/2 minute quick tour and will focus on the main rooms of the house.  At $350, the 3 minute long tour will use much more extensive external footage and feature each room in the house.  All video will be set to licensed music.  A style or genre may be requested.  A particular track may incur an additional fee.

Extreme Ross can be contracted for small scale commercial video projects such as local business or political ads shared on social media.  Email to book a free virtual consult and see if Extreme Ross can meet your video production needs.


Get the best value through one of two "Extreme" Packages

Extreme Standard - $499

First Drone Practice-5
1617 LaGuardia Inside-1

This deal is perfect for capturing a smaller to mid-sized home with photos, video, 3D tour, and drone, including sunset

  • 36 HDR Photos
  • 3DVista Tour using Go Pro Fusion panoramics
  • ~1:30 minute quick video tour of property highlights
  • Drone photos and video
  • 1 drone panorama of choice (high or low)
  • Twilight included
First Drone Practice-1-6

Extreme Complete - $699

This tour comes with everything and is geared toward high end listings and small businesses.

  • 50 HDR Photos
  • Customized 3DVista Virtual Tour using Fusion and HDR DSLR panoramas
  • Floor plan integrated into tour
  • Drone use for photos, video, and panoramas
  • Up to two separate Live Panoramas integrated into tour (seamlessly transition day to night)
  • ~3 minute complete video tour of property